• Fibre Glass Roof Repair

  • Fibre glass roof repairs

    Don’t search anywhere else if you need fibreglass GRP roofing and fibreglass roofing in East London.

    Ashington Roofers Roofing and flooring are trusted roofing professionals in the North East GRP area.

    No matter if it’s called GRP or it’s called fibreglass roofing, there’s not a single doubt it’s now an example of the utmost popular choice for North East area homeowners who are interested in repairing or replacing their current roof.

    You can stipulate this kind of roofing for small jobs like a brand-new roof on your garage, or you can hire us to perform a bigger job, such as an extension on a building. This versatility makes this sort of roofing an even higher appropriate pick for the largest assortment of customers in the Ashington area. 

    • No work is too small or too large
    • We provide free advice
    • Wide-ranging experts in roofing
    • Nearly 40 years of experience in the business
    • Brown Flat Roof, as well as
    • Grey EPDM Flat Roof, along with
    • GRP Flat Roof and a
    • Checklist for GRP Roofs

    Are you in the market for a brand-new GRP roof? Use this provided checklist to see…

    • Do you get rain puddles on your existing roof?
    • Are there any blistering or cracking on the roof?
    • Are there any holes or tearing on the roof?
    • Are there any leaks when it rains?

    Still hesitant if GRP roofing is the correct choice for your building? Click this link to contact us and we’ll set up a health check for your roof absolutely free.

    We are experts in putting in GRP Roofing for the East London area.

    Ashington Roofers Roofing and Building has already completed 100s of flawlessly installed projects, therefore, our specialists in GRP roofing ought to be your initial call if you want a top-quality fiberglass roof put onto your house.

    Stable advances in technology have resulted in lots of traditional felt or ply roofs being replaced via state-of-the-art EPDM rubber roofing and GRP roofing, the first being an additional specialty of ours. Since these products provide a longer lifespan and low upkeep for roofs, it’s the homeowners who have unquestionably become the definitive winners.

    You can forget most of your anxiety in regard to roofing issues once you pick GRP roofing, as it’s nearly upkeep free, and it can be relied on to last longer than any of the traditional substitutes.


    As we many times utilize GRP to redo garage roofs for the East London area, this type of roofing additionally has lots of additional possible applications all through the East of England area, as well as the broader UK area.


    What are the advantages of getting GRP style roofing?

    • A supple and tough material
    • An example of an utmost popular roofing option
    • Almost upkeep-free
    • Enduring


    Select GRP roofs for these subsequent applications:

    • Extension and Garage roofs
    • Above bay windows
    • Every kind of covering for flat roofs

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